Our Beer

Plan B Brewing offers 6 distinctly different but equally tasty beers:

Revenge of the Pine Pale Ale


ROP Pale Ale is a tip of the hat to our besieged Pine Tree. It features organic malted barley from Armstrong BC and being unfiltered is a slightly cloudy copper colour. Our local water and organic BC grown hops give our Pale a moderate amount of body with an undertone of sweetness, a touch of hoppy bitterness and a clean finish.

McHugh's Oatmeal Stout


When Tamara McHugh married Plan B partner Mark Gillis, she took his last name on one condition - if ever a brewery was opened, a beer would proudly carry the McHugh name. The doors opened and as promised, McHugh's Oatmeal Stout, in all her smooth, full bodied glory was released. Using generous amounts of chocolate malt and rolled oats, this creamy stout is mildly sweet with complex chocolate and caramel flavours.

Half Cracked Nut Brown


Back in 2009, Mark Gillis and Glen Ingram hatched a plan that, after months of hard work and many late nights, became Plan B Brewing. Glen has since moved on to other pursuits but our nut brown remains as a tribute to his vision and determination. It owes its name to its dark colour and a slight nutty flavour, which it gets from roasted barley. We've kept the hops to a minimum so you can experience its full malt flavour.

Idiot Rock India Pale Ale


Idiot Rock, a popular fishing hole near Smithers, is a favorite for local Salmon fishers. So popular that the name may be a reference to the crowds of people lining up to dangle a hook in the Bulkley River. Brewed with a plenitude of hops, this beer was originally made to last the long journey from England to India without spoiling. Today, the hops are all about taste. Being dry-hopped, this beer has a flowery aroma and a citrus-like taste making it a great match to a spicy curry or perhaps that barbecued salmon you just caught.

Bitter Bob Bitter


Bitter Bob is a Bulkley Valley curmudgeon whose bitterness is balanced by his many talents and his abiding love for good beer. Our namesake, Bitter Bob Bitter is all about balance too - no single element defines its character. We use ESB malt from Gambrinus Malting to obtain a distinctly British malt flavour, then balance it with the stronger essence of Goldings and Fuggle hops.

Rusty Wagon Red Ale


Some flavours of fun require a full-face helmet, but thankfully this brew isn't one of them. The Rusty Wagon's sweet, malty flavour comes from a variety of crystal and munich malts, while our trusty Hop Rocket packs it full of bold, hoppy goodness. Best enjoyed after a lap on the Bluff or a surf session at Tatlow (matching it with a burger or some BBQ chicken won't hurt either).